Monday, September 13, 2010

no title...

I hate coming up with titles - there is no theme for todays post, just some random things.

Im back on track diet wise. I have cleaned out my cabinets. Went grocery shopping. Went back to tracking and writing everything down. I stayed right at 26 points yesterday and aiming to do that again today. My goal is not to use any of my weekly extra points, we will see.

I have also decided to attempt not to daily weigh - so next weigh in is next sunday. While I really enjoy daily weigh in's sometimes it has the opposite effect... I see that Im on track so I derail myself.

Todays run was so so... I aimed for a 9.6ish mile run. I took my cell phone for the first time ever since I would be on some back roads. Yes I know I need it but it didnt do me well mentally - I had a way out of my run and 7 miles into it I took advantage of that. I gave in to the mental aspect and called eric and asked him to come pick me up. Here are my excuses - it was hot, I was hungry, tired and my right knee hurt.... yes those are sucky excuses but they worked for me today. Im alittle bummed out but hey I still ran 7 miles today!


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  2. but you still ran! good for you! don't focus on not getting to 9.6 but instead on the fact that you did anything at all. keep it up! you totally rock!