Monday, September 13, 2010

Yup I will never eat again...

Im sitting here watching Food, inc.

Besides the fact that I am so mad at the food industry on what it doesw to the farmers but what about what its trying to do to us. We are not a concern to them at all! Hello... who the hell thinks its a good idea to put ammonia in the filler for burgers that are currently in over 80% of all packaged or fast food burgers??? Who was the smart guy that said - yes ammonia is great to put in our bodies?!? Who thought it was a good idea to have the cattle standing 2 feet deep in shit, covered in shit all the way to the processing plant, and then lets cut open their intestines at a rate that does not allow for preciseness ... what do you think is in their intestines? Not healthy bacteria thats for sure.

We expect that the government - that oversee's already WAY more than they should - would atleast try to protect the people of the nation ... knowing that the food is unsafe. Why isnt outbreak after outbreak not enough to open these peoples eyes?

So for starters - I will be going to a local farm to order a dozen chickens or so and a 1/4 of a cow.

And dont even get me started on high frutose corn syrup... its in every freaking thing!

Oh and I watched Super Size Me before Food, inc.

I am so upset with myself as a mom - what I am feeding my child. How blind I have been and what I have put in his body.

There will be some changes. Yes the ...

omg omg omg I just saw how they kill the large floor of hogs... omg omg omg... I am so going to vomit!

Ok changes... there will be MAJOR changes in this house! Yes they will be MUCH more expensive changes but regardless I think our health is worth it.

I wish I could have had eric watch this movie with me...he refused. :(

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  1. Jason wouldn't watch it either and he hates that our grocery bill is higher but it's something I feel strongly about and that's that.
    Kim (Monny2AE)