Sunday, September 19, 2010

soooo tired!

I am so freaking tired. I have worked harder the past two days then I think I have ever worked. The ICU is incredibly busy right now with very high acquity. I am about to go back in and really hope it has slowed down a bit overnight.

On a plus side - todays weight 175.5... down 4 lbs from the gain from last week. Kind of surprised by that because I havent made very healthy choices the last few days since I have been STARVING by the time I can eat. Yesterday I didnt eat lunch until 530pm. But I guess when you only get a chance to eat once a day it doesnt really matter that its high calorie.


  1. i am thinking you reversed some numbers in your weight... you aren't in teh 170s anymore.. I know that!

  2. Thanks! Thats how TIRED I was! I was 157.5...