Monday, October 25, 2010

a 30 min day....

Not sure how this happenned but my day had a 30 minute theme to it.

Play by play of my day -

Woke up to having oatmeal already ready in the crock pot. I put honey and dried cherries in mine. I put some maple syrup and brown sugar in Gavins. He wasnt a fan - he immediately asked me to make him "real oatmeal" which I did. I wasnt in love with mine but I didnt hate it either. I think it was alittle overcooked maybe. But one thing it definately was - very very filling!

Then it was time to drop G off at school and head to the gym where the 30 min theme started... 30 min on the treadmill running, full body weight workout, 30 min in the pool doing laps. I could have and should have ran longer/further but I didnt feel like it. My weight workout ROCKED - I even put a step thing on 4 blocks on each side and did jump ups ... wow that was hard but FUN! Then the pool... it is getting better. Not easy but definately better. I ran into the trainer I hired to teach me how to swim. I have one more lesson already paid but I have been kind of hiding from her for some stupid reason - well today I got out of the pool and bam there she was!

Then I came home and set my alarm for 30 min and cleaned my bedroom. It beeped and I stopped. I got WAY more done in 30 min then I thought I would!

Ate lunch - the new EVERYTHING 110cal bagle thins are really yummy to use as your sandwich bread and Im loving the baked ridges chedder potatoe chips!

Then when I got back from getting G and getting him down for a nap I decided what the hell... a 30 min nap! So I set my alarm again and was very well rested after the fact.

While waiting for G to get up I set the alarm for another 30 min and cleaned up some more in my kitchen/dining room.... again wow!

Made a yummy dinner followed by these muffins - click here - I forgot to add alittle splenda since I used unsweetenned almond milk so they are alittle bland. Thats hot though - Im hoping cold they have a bit more spunk to them. We will see. I havent given one to eric or G yet - my guess is G will love them and Eric wont. We will see.

Now Im ready to relax - it was a full day. Ready for another one tomarrow.

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