Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another quick post..

Sorry for all of the super fast post - with working 12 hour shifts and trying to get my workout still in, it doesnt leave alot of extra time.

Im about to get ready for work but thought I would check in. Im off tomarrow - yaaaa!

Last night when I got home after tucking G into bed I went right down stairs and did my weight training. This morning I tried to get up to run before work but my bed wouldnt let me so when I get off work tonight I will get an easy 3 mile run in.

Yesterdays eating went ok - I did splurge and had a bagel yesterday morning but when the nurses ordered chinese for lunch I stuck to my packed baked chicken and brown rice. Yaaa me. Still went about 3 points over my daily allowance. My goal is to stick to daily goal from now until weigh in. I would be over the moon with a third straight week of losing. After 5 weeks of maintaining Im ready to see some change!

I have a pretty intense workout schedule for this coming week - you can see it on the calander.

I have some other eating goals for this coming week. Monday and Tuesday Im off - I want to try some new healthy breakfast options - I have been wanting to try steel cut oats in the crock pot overnight for the morning so we will try that tonight for tomarrow morning. I plan for a big farm veggie shopping trip monday morning and will cut and prep all the fruits and veggies for the week. Starting this week on mon and wed Im going to also try to have a crock pot dinner planned since G has karate at 5pm... makes it hard to get back and make dinner at a decent time.

Im also off next fri, sat, sun! VERY excited about that since Eric is off too... doesnt happen on the weekends very often for us! So friday we are going to lancaster to ride a train and do some fall stuff with G. Sunday we will all be dressing up and going trick or treating. Looking forward to some awesome family time.

On a different note - yesterday at work I was reminded as I am over and over - life is good. I need to be more grateful for my life, family, health. I am very lucky to have all that I have.

Other than that - its same old same old.

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  1. Good for you sticking with your chicken and rice! Hope you all have fun with the trick or treating next sunday, (don't sneak too many treats yourself though!) You are doing great, and I envy that picture of your weigh in on the sidebar. Someday...

    Anyway, you are right, life is good!