Monday, November 8, 2010

AWESOME workout

I had an AWESOME workout today and wanted to share... im SORE... literally just taking off my gym gear to get in the shower was tough! But awesome!

Treadmill - total 1h
0-20 min running at 5.5mph
20-40 min alternating running/walking 1 min intervals with incline at 7%, run at 5.5 walk at 3
40-55 min Running at 5.5mph
55-60 walk to cool down

Strength training
1. bicep curls 12lb 12reps x 2
2. Laydown tricep curs 10lbs 12 reps x2
3. Chest barbell push up 40lb 10 reps x2
4. shoulder lift straight out 8lbs 12 x2
5. Dead lifts with 40lbs 8 reps x2
6. Repeat 1 though 5
7. 20 crunches
8. Put big ball between legs and lift it to my hand then back to legs 20 times
9. full plank 30 sec x2
10. Repeat 7 through 9
11. 20 jump ups (jump straight up on a step bench with 3 lift things under it)
12. 10 squats
13. 10 lunges
14 Repeat 11 - 13

Seriously exhausted! But it felt GREAT! Let G swim in the kiddie pool for a while. Came home for a super hot shower. About to eat some homemade 1 point veggie lentil soup and an everything bagle thin (LOVE THEM and I hate everything bagles). Then I see a nice long nap with my preschooler before moving on with the rest of the day.

I love days off!

What did you do for your workout today???


  1. That was a great workout! You should be proud of it! I'm going to try to get a short run in today, and maybe I'll play with the Kinect for a bit - it is lots of fun, and very active!

  2. that is an awesome work out!! I am in pain for you just reading it! way to go!!

  3. You rock, that is a fantastic workout! I'm in awe and inspired!