Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday :)

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday :)

Today is a no school day here in Maryland - why? Not sure... regardless it messes up my normal day off plans but its ok.

Plans for today
1. Gym early (by 8am) for 1h of running, full body weights and swim with my little man
2. Hopefully see hubby before he goes to work at 1.
3. NAP... I am going ahead and planning my nap with G today :)
4. G has tai kwon do this afternoon before dinner

I really really need to clean my bedroom too... we will see - I HATE cleaning.

On a plus side - things that have made me smile lately
1. G sounded out his first word the other day "RAT" and LOVES playing on I hope he gets the reading bug that I have.
2. Cuddling on the couch with my husband last night - I got to thinking... are other couples like that? After 8 years of marriage we still hold hands, steal kisses, cuddle and tell each other quite a bit how much we love each other. Yes we have our issues - all relationships do - but we are affectionate :)

Tomorrow is weigh in day - Im NERVOUS. I hate weighing-in in front of someone. IF I didnt do as well as I would like and they know ... guess thats the purpose of WW huh?


  1. That sounds like it's going to be a great day for you.
    Good for you and your husband that you are still affectionate. That must be nice. I don't think many couples do that, at least not married ones.

    Happy Monday to you, too, and good luck at the weigh in tomorrow!

  2. I hate weighing in in front of people, too. :( Good luck tomorrow, and have a great day off!