Monday, November 15, 2010


I think Im the only person in the world that LOVES mondays! For the most part Im off every monday so that helps and since I work alot of weekends - friday doesnt mean much to me. For example I worked Fri, Sun this week... monday and tuesday is my "weekend". So needless to say I love Mondays!

Ive had a pretty good one so far too. Last night G had a few coughing spells and joined us in our bed at 2ish this morning. Surprisingly hubby didnt complain and we all cuddled up... I love nights like that! I am in awe at how much I can love my little "family unit". Then it was up and get moving for the day. Got G to school and headed to the gym. Julie joined me in spin class -thanks Julie! And the instructor surprised us with lengthening the class from 45 min to 60 min. 700 calories burned later and feeling like vomiting :) I headed up to the weight area and did my big full body and core workout that I posted last week. I felt AWESOME!

Now G and I are enjoying lunch and we are heading down for a nap followed by a little play date, G's Tai kwon do, Panera bread for dinner and some baking tonight for G to take an "I" themed snack to preschool tomorrow for "I" week.... Im thinking cupcake Icecream cones :)

Sometimes I just love my life :)

Tomorrow is weighin. It STRESSES me out! Now that Rach has taken my scale, I have NO clue what to expect. I did well this week. Stayed within my overall points for week. Worked out. But still... if it will show on the scale - I just dont know.

I feel good though and I feel like Im looking smaller. Lots of compliments at work too :)

Sorry for the disgustingly bubbly happy post - Im just in one of those moods :)


  1. bubble away sister! It's good to hear happy things. I'm happy your having such a good day, mine hasn;t been to bad either.

  2. I love Mondays as well. Slept most of today's away but accomplished a little bit. Mondays are my day of solitude that I keep just for me :)