Sunday, November 14, 2010


I had an AMAZING day at work today! For those of you that dont know - last December I graduated from graduate school with my masters as an acute care nurse practitioner. I made the big jump from large teaching hospitals to a small 15 bed community ICU. BIG DIFFERENCE but almost about 90% of the changes are very positive. I love my job!

Having just graduated this past December - I am on a HUGE learning curve. Some days I feel like Im struggling and some days, like today... I just feel on top of my game. I cant go into details obviously but not only did I pick up on some major diagnosis today but did ALOT of good - both in a medical way and in a empathetic - person to person connection kind of way. Today was the kind of day that reconfirms why I went into medicine. Why I am doing the job that I am.

It was just a great day!

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