Thursday, November 25, 2010

new plan

Can you tell Im not having a huge family day seeing that this is my second or third posting for the day :) Had a decent evening though - my dinner turned out perfect, everything was cooked just like I wanted and everything was done at the same time. My first time cooking thanksgiving dinner :)

I read someones post today about how funny it is that people only say what they are thankful for on certain days. I did the same thing. Well from here on out every post will end with 3 things Im thankful for right at that moment.

I also am forcing myself to get some exercise daily - minimally thirty minutes a day. Every post will also include what my thirty minute workout included for that day.

Today I didnt get my turkey trot in because of the rain. I was feeling bloated and blah. When my son went down for his nap I decided to sleep too. I layed there for 10 min then got mad at myself and got up. Changed clothes and headed down to the treadmill where I got my 5k run in. Felt much better after that.

Ive eaten a ton but it is what it is.

Today Im thankful for...
1. That my niece Ava is doing better and will be home tomorrow!
2. My son who dressed up as an indian for dinner :)
3. My size 8 pants that make me feel awesome - I only have 2 and they are a bit snug but love them!

Todays exercise - 34 min on the treadmill. 3.1 miles


  1. Great job - and great way to redeem the day!

  2. That's awesome you got up and still ran your 5k! Sometiems I wish I had a tredmill just for that reason! And congrats on the perfectly timed dinner! No easy feat!