Saturday, November 27, 2010

new week new thoughts...

This is a big week for me -

1. I start marathon training this week. Yes its the beginning of marathon training so not huge mileage this week BUT Im starting to train for a freaking marathon! My first marathon!

2. I have SLACKED the past 2 weeks. That ends NOW. New week new chance right? I WILL be journaling this week. I will be drinking my water this week! I will NOT be sneaking food this week. I will NOT be eating just to eat when Im no where near hungry.

3. Weight watchers changes this week - Im not 100% sure what that means and it scares me. They just say that to make sure that you come to a meeting this week so that we can understand the new plan. Very curious what is in store.

Other things to note -
  • I have seen on several different magazines and online lately that hitting the snooze button is not the best idea. First you dont go back to a good deep sleep in those 9 minutes. And its not the best way to wake up. I feel so much groggy after hitting the snooze several times. So this week I am NOT hitting the snooze button - not one single time. Im going to get up the second the alarm goes off whether I want to or not. Im forcing myself to do this for one whole week and see if I feel any difference in my day.
  • I am going to work out minimally 30 min a day this week.
  • I got my new Garmin 205 running watch - its freaking awesome. Big, heavy, boyish but AWESOME and I cant wait to use it for the first time!

Its going to be a good week. I am going to force myself to have a good week! Once I get back on the good side of things life flows so much better!


  1. I have recently given up on the snooze button, myself. If I really feel the need to get a little extra sleep I set the alarm for an extra half hour, but since my training partner is usually waiting for me at the gym that isn't often an option. I think I'm less groggy without the snooze, although I do miss it!

    Have a great week!

  2. Yay for a new week!!! Change is always good!!