Thursday, November 11, 2010

quick thursday

Sorry for the quick post but its been crazy.

Today has NOT been a good day. When my alarm went off I opted to go back to sleep for another hour instead of heading to the gym. Sounded like a great idea at 5am... at 6 I was peeved at myself. So no workout today. Didnt eat all that great either - I get 25 points a day.... I consumed 36 points today! I ate alot of junk. Some girlscout cookies, a chocolate scone, candy, candy and some candy. I did well going to the cafeteria to eat lunch with my mom - I really wanted a grilled cheese with bacon and french fries... instead I had a baked piece of chicken and some green beans. Yaaa for that but had no other control. I even gave in and had a coffee drink today - havent had coffee in a month... really didnt need that. I want to blame my time of the month but I control what goes in my mouth... not my hormones!

But on a plus side - I still logged every single bite that went into my mouth... every single point. Normally when I went off like that I wouldnt even acknowledge the points ... would act like they didnt happen.

Tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Well done for owning your mistakes. Bad days happen. Best way to deal with them, in my opinion, is to just move on. It seems that that's exactly what you are doing. Hope you have a better day today!