Friday, November 12, 2010

soooo tired and hot 100 update

I am so ridiculously tired - working multiple 12 hour days in a row kills me... Im not a young chicken any more.

I tried to get up and go for a run this morningbut my body just wouldnt get ou tof bed.... yes I need the sleep but I think the run would have given me a perk of energy.

Work has been INSANE to the point where I am sooo tired when I get off and have a huge headache - I hope today is different. Regardless I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!!

I need to make up for not really working out yest and today - my WW weigh in is tuesday morning... need to get back on track or Im going to gain this week!!! OK enough pity party for me - after the week I had at work taking care of the very sad cases - I should be grateful to be healthy and alive.

As for the hot 100 update
1. I lost 2.6 lbs this week!!! WOOHOO... I rocked it - I journaled every day and really got my workouts in.
2. I have been doing decent in the workout departement. This past week I had some killer workouts and even got up way early on wed and went to spin before work ... wish I could say the same yesterday or today. But I will pick it back up tomorrow!
3. I havent seen my family hardly at all this week :( My husband is on evenings and doesnt get home until 1130 - Im already in bed. In the am he is sleeping when I leave... hate those kind of weeks! The last three days have been horrible for seeing my son too - he is at the babysitters until 8pm :( then I get him, give him tons of kisses and put him to bed. I HATE this. But this is the minority of the month and we will get through the next week of this. Im off tomorrow and will be a silly goof ball with my four year old tomorrow and Im going to surprise my hubby with a dinner date for 2 tomorrow night :) Back to work sunday unfortinately but I have mon and tues off before working another HUGE long stretch. I normally only work 3 days a week but my work partner is away so Im picking up alot of slack. It will get better and luckily my son is with people that love him and where he enjoys being.

Im sitting here watching the news - they are reporting that the Baltimore City Police dept just voted against the newest contract with the city... the city offered them a 1.9% pay CUT for next year.... WTH?!? Baltimore has the second highest homicide rate in the country. Our police are shot at regularly in the line of duty. Yet you want to lower how much we reimburs them? They dont make enough money as it is! Im so happy that my husband is Baltimore County not City!

How was your week? What are you doing active this weekend?


  1. Wow. Tough week, but you really pulled some good things out of it!

    I agree. Compensation for those who keep us safe is pathetic. Thank God they keep doing their job!

    Go Hottie!

  2. Long stretches of 12-hour shifts wear me out, too - glad I don't do those anymore! Sounds like you managed to keep it together during a very tough week - have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Long hours get to me too. Good job holding things together!

  4. Great to hear your week was such a success. Hope you enjoy your goofy weekend. :)

  5. I found you through the Hot 100 challenge. Congrats on your weight loss!

    Sorry you are so crazy busy and not having enough family time! That must be so difficult.

    Best wishes as you move forward with the last 50 days of the challenge!