Sunday, December 5, 2010

Still the weekend...

Which means Im still in work mode - I work ALOT of weekends. Weekends arent really weekends in our house - with my husband being a police officer and me working in healthcare, we do our share of weekends and then some. We try to get off the same days during the week so that we have our own "weekend". This week we are off Thur and Fri together so we will be doing tons of fun family things. So its 630 am and Im up and saying high to all of you. Enjoying my hot tea and breakfast.

Had the strangest dreams last night - all marathon in nature. I was running it with Rachael and if any of you know Rachael then you know that is sooooo not happenning (love ya!). First I had to take a before run poop (tmi sorry) and the port a potties were GROSS.... shit everywhere! Then the first 16 miles was straight UP hill and it started to pour rain. It took us 10 hours! It was not a pleasant dream!

Tomorrow Im heading in to weigh in a day early. Im nervous with doing things 24 hours early. But having said that - I feel like its been an overall successful week. I actually feel smaller if thats possible. I have gotten 4 or 5 hard workouts in this week all with cardio aswell. I have been smart with my meal planning. Yes I ate out twice this week - one being mexican and not the smartest choices made but the rest of the I stayed within my daily points target. Sushi was very smart choices - proud of that. So I really really really hope that the scale shows it. I know I have had successes off the scale this week but I really would like the confirmation that what Im doing is working, you know?

Oh and alittle food for thought. Roni over at said something that hit home in her podcast yesterday. Forgive me if I butcher the quote but it was about if you feel like the grass is greener on the other side... time to water your lawn. I have had NUMEROUS times when everything else seems better then what Im doing/experiencing/having ect. Other marriages at times looks much happier and more stable than mine... instead of wishing we were like that or having those horrible thoughts of what if? ... I should be watering my marriage. Nurturing it, making time for my husband, talking, ect. Of course I look at other people that are taller, thiner, prettier, ect than me but instead of self loathing about it - Im watering "me"... right now Im working on things to make me a better person, health and personally. Im a much happier, friendlier, more easy going person than I was a few years ago!
So will let you know tomorrow....


  1. I hope the weigh-in is a good one! I love that true. It is so much more productive to do what we can to make ourselves proud, instead of complaining about what we don't have :)

  2. Great post and a great quote - I'm definitely going to concentrate on "watering my lawn" for the next year and see if I'm not happier overall because of it!

  3. What a great quote. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. my husband works weekends as well, so our "weekend" is tues/wed.

    great quote!