Friday, December 10, 2010

An awesome friday...

That note to myself did the trick and Im half way through an awesome two days off.

First things first - I got my butt outside in the 32 degree windy morning and got my 6 mile run in! It was cold but I was dressed appropriately. My new awesome Garmin watch kept my distance and pace for me. My goal was 6 miles in 60 min. I have been running faster than that lately... ummm not today. I ran exactly 6 miles in 63 min. Close. I felt awesome though. My mind stayed focused and I actually enjoyed the run.

Yesterday we went and cut down our first real xmas tree. We had so much fun! We let G play hookie from preschool and had a family day :) Our poor tree wont stand up straight but who cares - we love it anyways. Stockings are hung. Cant find any mistle toe though to replace my dried up bunch.

Once G wakes up from his nap we will head off for some family pictures and to go see santa - G was scared of him last year so curious how this year will go.

Chicken is marinating - making a huge batch of baked bbq chicken for this weekends meals.

And I see a family movie night or gingerbread house making tonight... I LOVE this time of year!

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