Saturday, December 11, 2010


I ate like total crud yesterday - my plans went RIGHT out the window. We went out for mexican last night. We got a lb of homemade italian cookies that I couldnt stop eating. My sodium intake yesterday but have been ridiculous - my fingers are soooo swollen, I had to struggle to get my wedding rings off.

I know the new WW program works. I know I enjoy everything that I was eating. So why cant I keep doing it! I dont need to keep over doing it - the crap Im shoveling in my mouth isnt even all that awesome - except those cookies :)

I meant to atleast bake the chicken I marinated once I got home for work today but that didnt happen. So Im going to bring in my healthy snacks, fruits, ect and get some grilled chicken and veggies at work for lunch.

Im trying to talk myself out of going to the ww meeting on tuesday because Im scared of the scale and looking like Im a big fat loser. BUT that was what I did before. When I didnt do well I would skip it and then that turned into a month of skipping. So I will be there. I will suck it up and take responsibility for my actions.


  1. Just remember yesterday was in the past, forget what you did. Pick yourself up today and start a new day! You will do fine!

  2. I think going to the meeting is a good idea, because if you start skipping and it gets you back off track you'll be much worse off than if you just accept this little hiccup and move on. Just my opinion, though!