Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday -

I so need to get better at titles... I suck at coming up with them!

Today all in all was a good day - went to the gym and got my sweat on, met up with a friend and did some power xmas shopping, ate healthily at the sushi place (one eel roll and steamed veggies with brown rice and sauce on the side). Then I picked up G and everything kind of went down hill... my child is being evil today. Everything I tell him to do he does the opposite.... he is going to bed very very early - luckingly for me he cant tell time!

I really hope that as I get into the marathon training, I start enjoying it and wanting it again. I really am not all that excited to train for 3 months in the freezing cold dark winter to then run to the point where I may lose toenails, get blood blisters and cramps from hell. Im really only seeing the negative right now - which is a shame because after the half marathon I was so gung ho and felt so empowered. I want that feeling back.

I work all weekend :( Plan to get up early tomorrow and get a run in with my dog before heading in.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. Well, you definitly sound like a runner - "Plan to get up early tomorrow and get a run in with my dog before heading in." ~So casual about what's a natural part of your life... even if you do have all those negative thoughts running through your mind.