Thursday, December 23, 2010


I spend ALOT of time on the computer - way more than I should.

I have the beginning of 6 days off and I want to have some amazing memory making times with my family.

So Im putting the computer away for a few days. I will be back after Christmas with lots of pics and fun stories to share!

Alittle about my next few days-

Today/Thursday- 10mile run planned, massage booked, lunch with my BFF, a little shopping to do still, dinner with my fabulous family, making cookies with G tonight, a glitter craft planned, need to wrap some gifts and then curling up with hubby for a movie night. oh and grocery shopping!

Fri - some cooking to do. Play like crazy with Gavin. Hit the gym - maybe take G swimming. Dinner with friends and their families and then all the fun xmas eve stuff - will go driving to look at lights then get G in bed to start putting together a few toys that will be "out" from santa.

Sat - so so so so so excited to be home on xmas with my family! We will cook breakfast together, lots of gifts, play, nap, ect. Dinner at my moms with my extended family

Sun - hubbys family heads into town and I get all of my neices....yaaa!

We may or may not get a TON of snow on Sunday - either a dusting or a few feet... I think Im the only one in the state hoping for a few feet! I want to go sledding and stay in my pjs and be snowed in with my two favorite men!

So a BUSY BUSY next few days.

Hope everyone has a fabulous wonderful Christmas. Forget about all the stressors involved and give a giant hug to the ones you love. Put a smile on your face - its contagious!


  1. Have a happy and safe holiday!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Enjoy your break - see you in a week or so!