Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas.

I love love love being home! Gavin is just a perfect age - 4 years old is awesome!

I will post pics and what not in a day or so - no desire to do that right now.

My hubby did not do all that fabulous in the stocking department - a few movies and soaps yaaa. Got a snuggie - wth? Nothing run or health related which kind of surprised me since that has been my focus for quite a while. But its all good. We have gotten to spend the day together and thats all that really matters.

Gavin is playing with his tag system. Hubby is down stairs now playing his new PS3 game. I just finished a nice long hot bubble bath. About to make G lunch and nap time before heading out to my family's get-together.

Needless to say I have probually gained another 5 lbs this week! I havent watched what I have eaten at all. The second these holidays are over I am one 100% recommitted! I will hit the 130's before I get preggo! I will I will I will!

Tomorrow evening we get together with hubby's family but in the morning hubby is working so I think G and I will hit the gym and pool.

I am going to treat myself to a few more xmas gifts to myself this week too - a half mask running shild to block the wind - its cold and I really really want to run outside! And some underarmer cold weather gear.

My dad sent me a $100 check which will be going to a new pair of running shoes :)

Once I hit some big milestones I have some gift suggestions to myself too -
When I break out of the 150s - a Kindle... santa didnt read my mind that I wanted one :)
WHen I break out of the 140s - ??? Any ideas? Im thinking either a mini extended weekend vacation with hubby? Girls weekend? Family trip?

Hope everyone is happy and safe - have a great Christmas!

When you check back focused Christina will be back!

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  1. I think those mini-rewards are a great idea! And I do think breaking out of the 140's is deserving of something really special, so I say pick a spot you've always wanted to visit and make it happen! :)