Saturday, November 10, 2012

awesome run this morning!!!!

We started our morning off with a local 5k. It was the smallest race I have ever done - about 90 participants.  And it was the first race in almost 2 years that hubby ran with me.

It was COLD COLD COLD starting... 36 degrees.  A friend of mine ran this as her first 5k... so proud of her! Once my lungs got used to the cold it was great weather though. I took off my gloves after about 1/2 a mile. There was one MONSTER of a hill. The course was a bit boring. Started and ended at our local baseball stadium but a majority of the run was in parking lots and it was out and back. Not my favorite kind of run. BUT it was the first run for this particular group and they did a great job. It was very well organized and had a great group of volunteers.

I wanted to PR. My fastest 5k was from this past April and was 29:30ish (not sure the seconds). Today was a new PR! 28:30!!!! My hubby beat me by just shy of 90 seconds. I tried to keep up with him but it wasnt happenning... I chose breathing over speed :)

An added bonus of a smaller race... I came in first in my age group for women! I have never even placed before. Did wonders for my confidence! My friend heard them call my name and she sent me a text. I ran out of there to make a hair appointment. The results are posted now - the winner of the next two age groups for women (40-49 and 50-59 years old) put me to shame though... the winners of that age group were around 22 minutes! CRAZY!!! That is where I want to be when I hit that age - amazing!

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