Saturday, January 1, 2011


Look at all of those awesome 1's... and today coincidence or not - I aimed for 12 miles but miscalculated the distance and did 11.3 ... so 11 miles on 1:1:11 hehehe...

It was an AMAZING run! Easily the BEST run I have had since the half marathon this past October. I hit snooze a few more times than I would have liked but then my dog made sure I woke up as she whined and whined by my bedroom door to go out and pee. By 8 am I was out the door :) The weather was perfect - upper 30s low 40s... which is very warm compared to how it has been. Practically no wind - I hate hate hate winter wind! The sun was shining. Hardly any cars on the road. Just an overall amazing run. I kept a good pace. Did walk up 2 hills that was run'able back in the fall... but I have been running on a very flat treadmill lately and my body just wasnt ready for those mega hills. I was in the zone the entire run. It was all in all AMAZING - the only thing that would have made it perfect was to have Nicole run with me... I miss my running partner! Hopefully we will get to start training together again soon!

So today was my first double digit run since Oct... very pleased with myself.

The run was followed by a long shower and brunch with hubby. Then off to pick up my favorite little person from my moms... who is still chilling in his pj's at 1230 :) We are going to head off to nap land in a bit, mommy included while hubby heads to work... the best police officer in the world :)

Tomorrow Im back to work for two days - playing with the idea of doing a 2 day cleanse after all :)

I will be back later tonight with some January and 2011 goals :)


  1. Great job with the long run! :)

  2. aww! I miss running with you too! can't wait till we can get together again and on schedule. it will make the long ones go by so much faster!