Sunday, April 8, 2012

note to self

Dear Me -

Today was wonderful and fun. You went a smidge over board between breakfast and dinner and all the candy in between but you planned for it to happen and its not a deal breaker. Tomorrow is a new day and time to be 100% dedicated and back on plan. You can do this. One day at a time remember?

Here is what your week looks like - its a bit tough but you have it in you. You ended up resting today which was not the plan but again its ok. The rest of the week...

Monday - off work, TONS of little things to get done between Bres doctor appt, Gavins swim lessons and everything in between. Dont forget your 3 mile run, 4 strides and getting your Insanity video done.

Tuesday - work but hit up the gym and early morning spin before work starts. Insanity after work

Wed - gym after work to get your running done... insanity before work.

Thur - insanity after work

Fri - long run 8 miles, no insanity.

Sat - spin, insanity

Yes its alot... but I have faith in you and you like a challange and you love your work outs!

Now get to bed!

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