Tuesday, December 28, 2010

shakeology cleanse day one and only

Im going to take you all through my day - which means I will just keep editing this post until the end of the day instead of posting 20 post. SO KEEP CHECKING BACK>>> I WILL BE ADDING AND ADDING AND ADDING>

Because of the power outage yesterday, G's wake up light didnt turn on so we didnt get out of bed until after 8am.... freaking awesome!

So today is day 1 (maybe day only) of my shakeology cleanse. Since there are practically NO real reviews of this product from people that dont work for the company.... I am going to take you step by step on my journey and my REAL thoughts.

So I made my first shake this morning. I only got the chocolate - no desire to try the other one. For the cleanse you can only mix the shakes with plain water and ice - No add ins. So I made my shake and first taste - YUCK. Such a bitter unsweet chocolate flavor with a dark chocolate aftertaste ... Im not a fan of dark chocolate. But I put it in a glass and grabbed a straw. About half way through it I dont mind the taste anymore. Still not awesome but definately drinkable. I think with some cherries or a tad bit of peanut butter and half a banana it would be really good!
Weird not having my regular breakfast. Weird not chewing. Weird not having my cup of coffee or strong tea with almond milk.
A plain shake is 3 weight watcher points.

0930 Headed to WW to weigh in - up another 1.6lbs from last week. But Im not stressing that number, its only going down down down! I have made peace on my behavior the past three weeks and Im moving on.

10-12 Hit the gym. Did 50 min on the treadmill. Ran 20 min then 20 min of speed drills and 10 min of hill drills. Was really worried that without my regular workout breakfast that I wouldnt have the energy or stamina to continue but didnt feel like that at all. I actually felt pretty good. Normally before I run I take a 5hr energy, I didnt today because I didnt know how it would mix with the shake but didnt notice a difference in my performance. I also brought a chocolate GU for after running and before my full weight workout thinking I would need the pick me up but NOPE didnt need that either. I have to tell you I was quite impressed.

Now for the bad. Around 1230 I headed home and did alot of thinking on the way home. I really want to do a full 3 day cleanse and know with working tomorrow it just isnt going to happen. Expecially with trying to run 11 miles on thursday. I want to give it my all. SO I decided to just do the regular shakeology at this point. One each morning for breakfast. I am going to try it for a month and see what I think. If at that point I think its awesome I will continue daily and do a cleanse after my marathon.

So for lunch I had some of my super yummy veggie soup, tuna with canola mayo and crackers. Then took a nap and now Im up and just enjoyed some yummy apple slices.

I have 18 points left today.

Sorry If I disappointed anyone for backing out of the cleanse but Im doing what I think is in my best interest. I will continue with my daily review of the brand though :)

About to go wake up the men in my life from their naps (yes it was a family nap today) and we have to head to BJ's and blow a ton of money. I think Im going to let G have a sleep over tonight. I work tomorrow am but hubby is off and Im sure he wont mind. Tomorrow is EARLY am spin class... have to go, the calendar says so :)


  1. i saw the ads for this when I was doing Insanity, but just didn't think I'd stick with it. will be interested to see what you think

  2. good to know about the potty training! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I'm on the verge of ordering some Shakeology myself! Definitely keep the reviews coming, cleanse or no!