Monday, December 27, 2010

The good, the good and the UGLY...

I know I said the good, the good and THEN the UGLY but I think Im going to start with the ugly first and just get it over with!

So tomorrow is weight watcher weigh in day but at the gym today I decided to have the great idea to step on the gym scale to give me an idea of how tomorrow morning will go. Can you guess it... ummmm NOT WELL! Just 3 weeks ago I was sooooo excited that I was about to hit the 140s... well today I almost hit the 160s! Talk about swinging! 159.6.... OH MY FREAKING GOD! Am I surprised... not one bit. I ate and ate and ate. I practically binged on and off for three weeks. So no not surprised. Sad? mad at myself? pissed off? You bet ya! Something I needed to see? Definately! No wonder my pants are all snug - my pretty wonderful smaller sized pants... very very snug!

Ok the ugly is done and over with only happy positive things from this point forward :)

It was COLD and windy outside today - so windy that our entire town was without power this morning.... ALL the stores, all the houses and traffic lights - great huh? Needless to say I was NOT going outside to run today. I also have a sick kid at home - double ear infection and possible strep throat (fun fun). Did I use these two things as an excuse to get out of my 8 mile run today? NOPE! I called the gym, while only 8 miles away is in a different town, to make sure they had power. Left my sick kid home with his daddy - its his kid too right??? And headed off to the gym and got comfy with a treadmill for a LONG 8 mile run... they seem soooo much longer on the treadmill!

Regardless I had to get my workout in because the scheduled workout was staring me in the face everywhere I turned...This is a pic from our big family calandar... C = me, E is hubby, G is kid... its the only way we can stay on track :)

As for food - did pretty good today. I was 100% on WW today.
Breakfast - banana, fiber one cereal with ff milk
Snack - apple
Lunch - pita pizza with goat cheese and turkey pepperoni
Snack - almond butter on english muffin
Dinner - HUGE bowl of homemade veggie lentel soup
6 points left over for snacking :)

Also decided to jump in and join the shakeology wagon. We will see. There is a beach body coach that belongs to the same playgroup I do and I have a few FB friends that are coaches aswell. Im not much of a "shake" kind of gal but have been inspired by the 4 coaches I sort of know and figured what the hell. I tried to do some research online about the shakes but I could only find one actual review that wasnt from a coach that sells the stuff and even that review seemed a bit bias. So if you are looking for a true review of the product, you will be getting one as this month progresses. I bought a case of the chocolate individual packaged shakeology

What sold me in trying the shakes is the ingredient list - its not just a protein shake... check all this out! Lets hope it lives up to the hype!

I am planning to do the cleanse which includes
3 shakes a day made with water only - breakfast, lunch, snack
2 servings of fruit a day
green tea before meals
salad with white protein for dinner
no dairy

Im changing it up a bit - I am not a salad person, never really have been. I made a big batch of homemade super veggie soup with ever type of nonstarchy veggie known to man - or known to me for that matter (green beans, carrots, celery, garlic, red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, cabbage, mushrooms) No corn, peas, potatoes. I will be subsituting the soup for the salad and having a side of white protein - mainly grilled chicken. No dairy. No soda. No coffee.

Now technically Im supposed to do that for 3 days then go to using the shake for breakfast. Here is the thing - I like to chew :) ALOT. And I go back to work Wednesday and Im a bit worried that the lack of actual food will make me super hungry and weak during my workouts so it may just be a one day cleanse :) We will see.

From what I read it doesnt taste all that great plain - after the cleanse I will be making it with unsweetenned almond milk and fruits not the plain it calls for during the fast.

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