Sunday, December 19, 2010

This weeks schedule...

Not sure if you can actually read that... Im so bad at this computer stuff! On the left is my workout and dinner plan on the right is the getting organized daily stuff... starting small so I dont get overwelmed.

This weeks workouts incase you cant read it
Sun 3mile run
Mon 8 mile run, strength training
Tues 10 min jump rope
Wed Early am spin class, strength training
Thur 10 mile run
Fri Spin, strength training
Sat I put a 5 mile run but I may take that day off seeing that its Christmas :)

Todays run - DONE. Time to get in the shower and get to work.

The only other news - I decided to wean off my antidepressant... again! UHHHH - Its been 2 months since we increased my dose... I have been really dizzy lately, scary dizzy which is one of the potential side effects. Seeing that I want to get preggo in the spring and cant be on it anyways, I thought now would be a good time to wean off. Hopefully the dizziness subsides. So Im weaning, I went cold turkey last time and it was NOT good. Hopefully my mood doesnt take a dive :(

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  1. Wow, you are organized! Great plan - did you just make that as a word document? I was kind of thinking of a checklist - if I came up with it every Sunday for the following week, that might work! Re: the antidepressant - hopefully you'll find that the extra exercise helps.