Thursday, December 30, 2010


Was planning for a stressful not fun meeting at work. Then stress relieving 11-12 mile run then some family time.

Well that was the plan. Not any where near what happenned.

At 715 I got a text message from the night shift doc letting me know my partner called out sick and asked if I could work. It was so ridiculously busy they day before and I know if it was like that again then it would be unsafe so I agreed to go in and take off Saturday instead.

Meeting was canceled because one of the three of us was sick. But talked with the other 1/3 and turns out my schedule is going to SUCK from here on out. I got the short stick... or long stick shooved somewhere...depends how you look at it.

The doc I was working with was not very nice or thankful for me giving my day off and family time to spend time with him.

Didnt get my run in. Just felt crappy and sad and peeved off all day.

I shouldnt feel so sorry about myself though. I took care of a 30 something women with children dying of metastatic breast cancer today. My life is good. I have a loving family, good education, comfortable home, healthy body.

QUIT feeling sorry for yourself!!!

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  1. How bad is the suck? And, can you negotiate for something in exchange for the suck or do you have to just deal with it? Because if yours is the only schedule getting sucky, you might want to take a stand. I don't know the situation, and so any advice I have to offer is useless because of that, but don't be a doormat!