Saturday, January 1, 2011

ok on to discuss this new year....

Alot has changed over the past 12 months. Last year I was a stressed out graduate student that was overwelmed most of the time. I was 50 lbs heavier. My skin was gross. I was tired ALL of the time.

Since then I have graduated and now work at an awesome small local community hospital as a nurse practitioner in a mixed surgical/medical ICU. I absolutely LOVE my job (even if lately some changes have been stressing me out). I LOVE going to work. I LOVE the people I work with, I love my role. I love everything about it. Im home way more than I used to be. I get to spend so much more time with Gavin. I have found a love of running - ran my first half marathon and signed up for my first full marathon. I have lost 50 then gained 10 lbs :) I have become a gym rat and LOVE LOVE LOVE spin class. I have put more time and energy into my relationships. All in all the turn of my life in the past 12 months have been very positive and uplifting! I am a MUCH happier person inside and out - even off my meds :)

So what does 2011 bring?

Family wise - Hope to add to our family this year with a baby :) And turn myself into a minivan driving mom :)

Work wise - Continue doing what Im doing. Like I mentioned - I LOVE IT! I want to continue to grow in the role and become more independant in my decision making. And go to a conference.

Health wise - First and foremost, stick with it! Work on my overeating issues. Continue to put my gym membership to good use :) RUN my first marathon and all the training that goes into that! Be a healthy role model for my son. And if I am lucky enough to get preggo then have a much healthier pregnancy then I did previously. Do you notice that my yearly goal isnt to get to a certain size, a certain weight. Yes I have goals for that but all in all I want to be healthy.

Personal - Continue to realize that I am lucky to have everything I have. Dont take things so personal and dont always see the bad side of things right away.


  1. Congrats on an awesome first run for 2011! I enjoy reading your blog and our 2011 goals are very similar. Good luck to us both and I look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. Those are great goals! I especially like the one about being a healthy role model for your son! :) Very important!