Thursday, January 6, 2011

Am actually doing it this time... promise!!!

The shakeology cleanse that is - I am officially doing it... not backing out like I have done over and over and over. I have the next four days off - nothing like doing a cleanse for three of them huh?

So far so good - I have gotten two shakes - each with 1/2 a banana, 1 cup water and some ice- in and here are some random thoughts so far.
  • I MUCH prefer the shakes with almond milk. With water they arent horrible but they arent great either. With the unsweetenned almond milk they are AMAZING - taste fudgy and awesome.
  • I am much more satisfied and not really hungry which surprises me. But like I have said before - I LIKE TO CHEW... :) and it has taken everything out of me not to grab a pretzel or a bite of my sons sandwich ect.
  • I did add a hard boiled egg today before my long run - I was concerned with trying to run 12 miles with only a shake on board. Granted it was COLD outside - my 12 mile planned run turned into a 5 mile run and calling and asking hubby to come pick me up.
  • Im not much of a salad girl so I will have an assortment of steamed plain veggies and my protein for dinner.

I have tons planned for the rest of the day. First things first, a nap with my favorite 4 year old! I love days off! Im going to tackle some of my house and start taking down some Christmas decorations. I need to get on the treadmill later and finish the 12 miles I started today - booo.

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  1. I'm doing the cleanse too - Day 1 for me! I did weight lifting this morning and should do some cardio after work, but I'm gonna wait and see how my energy level is. Definitely couldn't bust out 12 miles, though! :)