Wednesday, January 19, 2011

feeling alittle blah

I got to sleep in this morning - made hubby get up with little man and take him to preschool. But did I wake up refreshed? NOPE I woke up feeling very blah. My body is quiet sore and Im so bummed that I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Ive had 6 days off, just because. Im not bummed that I have to go to work, I love my job. Im bummed that I really didnt get anything done on those 6 days off. My house is still a mess. My room still massively disorganized. And all I want to do today is curl up on the couch, eat and do nothing.

Obviously Im not going to let that happen - but boy its what my body/mind is trying to do.
I will be heading to the gym or downstairs to get some form of workout in today.
I will minimally clean my bedroom today.
I will be goofy and silly and play with my little man today.
I will NOT give into this funk.
I will continue to track today and not give in to food.
I will make a decent sized dinner so I have food for the next 3 days at work.

On a side note PLEASE check out Mama on the move HERE her most recent post was very inspiring. FYI Im the "friend" from the shoe store.


  1. I sent you an award if you choose to accept. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing that Mama On The Move link. I guess ya gotta take those blahh days all in stride and look at the bright side of all the things good in life. Great blog you have, by the way. I've linked it and will visit regular - cheers!

  3. Being sore always makes me want to veg, but I always feel better after I do something. As long as you recognize the blah days before you get sucked into how they make you feel and what you want to do, I think you will do just great!

    Polar's Mom