Tuesday, January 18, 2011

quick update

This will be fast - my lap top is dying so Im on hubbys and I HATE his laptop... it doesnt like me.

Quick run down of the gym this morning - it sleeted/rained/iced/snowed last night and the roads were slick. Schools were canceled today. But I headed to the gym - and it was EMPTY. Maybe 10 cars... it was very quiet. I hit the treadmill. 5 miles, stretch, 5 miles, stretch, then attempted an additional 5 miles and I HIT A WALL... I ended up doing 3 more and it was a HARD three miles for a total of 13 miles. Longest run since my half in Oct. Longest run on a treadmill EVER. Kind of proud of myself :)

I am SOOORREE though! I was pretty sore before heading to the gym today from the elliptical yesterday. I did alot of backwards going high level work... back of my legs and butt were screaming. Then the 13 mile run... wow. My legs are sore. Im walking like an old lady.

But Im proud of me :)


  1. Your soreness was well earned & is something to smile about; proud indeed!

  2. Good for you, I can't wait to be able to run, I have no access to a treadmill and It's stupid cold in Missouri these days, but come spring I'll be a jogging fool.