Monday, January 24, 2011

food food and more food

Its CRAZY how much I think about food. I think about food from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. I think about what time I can eat and how long I have to wait between meals. I think of what I would rather be eating then what I am actually eating. I think about if people would see me eat "insert food here" and if they cant see me, does it really count. I think of food ALL OF THE TIME!

I hate it! Im guessing people that do not have a weight problem do not have the relationship with food that I do. I love it and hate it all at the same time. I bet some people out there only think of food as fuel. Or only thinks of food when their stomach starts to tell them they are hungry. I wish I was that kind of person. I also wonder as I tackle this problem if a portion of me becomes more like one of those people... I hope so. I dont want to be obsessed with food for the rest of my life.

Today all in all has been a good day. I stayed right on plan food wise... having said that I used all of my points and now is when I get into trouble. Now is when I want to SNACK ... I can consume a massive amount of calories after some people are already in bed!

Todays food:
Breakfast - shakeology shake with almond milk and a banana
Snack - 100 cal pack of almonds
Lunch - grilled chicken breast, brown rice, veggies, hummus
Snack - carrots and hummus, apple slices
Dinner - Grilled chicken breast with mushrooms, green beans
Evening snack - lite english muffin, peanut butter and melted marshmellows - yummy!

I had 1 cup coffee today with lite soy milk and 2 cans of diet soda in addition to a massive amount of ice water.... I peed ALOT today!

So points are gone... now is when I want to munch so I am thinking about food right now ALOT. It sucks.

Worked until 8pm - picked up my little man from the sitters and then after getting him to bed I did day 2 of the 30 day shred! WOOHOO!

I need to get through another hour or two of no food... why oh why is this so hard?


  1. I have the same issue. I think of things I would rather be eating, then I start craving them. Ugh, its like setting yourself up to binge. What is that?

  2. Fruit. It's filling, and takes awhile to eat, and no points. Watermelon rocks - it's very low in calories. It's my fave when I need to munch. Ditto for grapefruit. Oranges take time to peel and they smell sooo good! Frozen grapes - yum! Can you tell I'm a fruit fan?

  3. Hey Christina,

    You prepared great menu. My husband liked very much. Thanks for sharing.

    Jennifer Volker