Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ice storm = treadmill for a LONG time

Today is a long run. 15 miles to be exact. My first distance over the half marathon. BUT mother nature has made our rodes wet, slippery, and icy with a snow/ice storm last night and now rain so looks like I will be heading to the gym. Plan: 3 treadmills - 5 miles each. I dont run fast so this will take me close to 3 hours. Which is just sad when yesterday I read another awesome running blogger who ran a full marathon on the treadmill in alittle over 3 hours.

I am a bit sore today - guessing I will be really sore tonight after this run. I did the elliptical yesterday which I rarely do and did alot of backwards movements... my hiney is sore!

Im charging my camera right now and promise some pics to go with post soon :)

What are you doing to get moving today?


  1. Hey don't beat yourself up b/c you can't match someone else's speed. I started doing that last night. At first, I was really proud of myself for running for 50 minutes - Now, my 50 minutes equaled a mere 3.6 miles..but..that's 3.6 miles I have NEVER run before! So what if I can't keep up with Joe down the street (yet). I ran.
    And, 15 miles is major. So, be proud you are going to run for 3 hours! Recall when you couldn't run for 30 minutes. You have come far :)

  2. Heck I wish I could just run at all.. Yeah for you!! That is a MAJOR accomplishment! Be very proud of that!

  3. wow - it's wierd when you put it to time. Hopefully there's a tv to watch on the treadmill!!!

  4. Oooh, I hope your run goes well, in spite of your hiney...and the ice, be careful!

    Polar's Mom