Wednesday, January 26, 2011

so far so good...

The self talking/ questioning has really helped today. I have found myself in the "do I need this" dialogue alot today.

I unexpectantly had to park in the garage at work because of snow which means walking passed the daily grind (coffee shop) which I dont normally have to walk by. I went in for a coffee. Almost got a soy latte and a scone. Self talk = drip coffee with a touch of soy milk and no scone.

Lunch - I brought chicken breast meat with me with the plan to get steamed veggies from the cafeteria to go with it. They only had two types of veggies both obviously in WAY too much butter/oil. I looked at the salad bar - they only had full fat dressings. I briefly thought about my go to bad meal at work - grilled cheese and big serving of fries dipped in malt vinegar and old bay then dipped in mayo/ketchup... so so so yummy. Self talk = getting a cup of the broth based soup and shredding my chicken into it, a banana, and the carrots and hummus I brought from home.

After work I ran into target to get a new book - CANDY BAR... self talk = walking out with just my book.

So far so good.

I have just finished an egg white/cheese sandwich on lite english muffin for dinner. I have 7 points left over for my evening snacking.

I will stay within my 29 daily points.


  1. Great job Christina! Love the self talk, it saves soooo many calories!