Wednesday, January 26, 2011

talking to myself...

Yup today Im going to practice the act of talking to myself. I started last night and its working pretty good.

When I want to munch on something, sneak something, eat just to eat, eat junk ect I will go through the following dialoge...

1. Are you hungry?
2. Should you be eating this?
3. Is this a good choice?
4. Would others say what you are about to eat if they saw you was a good idea?
5. Do you really need it or is something else going on?

Literally last night I wanted some munchkins before bed and I stood in the kitchen and asked me these questions out loud. The answer to all of them was NO... so I went and brushed my teeth and went to bed!

Was hoping to head to early am spin class but we got snow last night so canceled :( Enjoyed my extra hour of sleep though! Time to hit the shower and get ready for work. Hope everyone has a great day! Im going to try my best!

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  1. YAY, good answer!

    Polar's Mom