Sunday, January 23, 2011


Happy sunday everyone. Today is my ONLY day off -back to work tomorrow. Not that I can really complain - after wed I have 6 or 7 days off yaaaa! But today I have a TON to do!

We have had a bit of family drama and my mom has decided to have a trial seperation from my step dad and moved yesterday so we are spending most of our day over there helping her unpack.

The rest of the day includes: making sure Im home for nap for G, grocery shopping, gym, making dinner. I really really want to get my room straightened up too - the mess is completly stressing me out.

I havent decided what I want to do at the gym yet today. I really wanted to run 15 miles today but that just isnt going to happen. I want to do it outside and its 10 degrees and I just dont have that in me for the treadmill today. SO 15 miles will probually happen on tuesday... also on a treadmill since its supposed to snow mon tues and wed... god I HATE winter training.... WHAT WAS I THINKING!

So today at the gym I will probually run 5 miles and do an hour on the elliptical. I want to start the 30 day shred too.

Eating was HORRIBLE the last 3 days. I hate how easily I go off plan. I have been giving alot of thought lately of health wise. I wanted to lose weight to feel pretty. To be small. To have cuter clothes. Yes I said I wanted to lose weight because I wanted to be a good example, have energy, ect ect but truthfully I wanted to look good. Very vain reasons. I have been giving alot of thought of my dads horrible diabetes and how I could be heading down that route. I think about the 40 year old female that had a huge heart attack that I took care of yesterday. I think about the free radicals that are in all the processed crap and what that does to our bodies. I want to live a long healthy life. Yes the bonus is you look and feel great but there are so many other reasons.

Yesterday Roni at ronisweigh inspired me yet again. She said "do what you can when you can" ... its all of the little things along the way. Keep doing every little thing you can. Its not all or nothing. It does not have to be PERFECT. And when you arent perfect then dont give up... you just keep making smarter choices when you can.

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  1. You know, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look better. :) It might help you to start thinking of yourself as an athlete (because you are) and eat accordingly. So, concentrate on foods that will ultimately fuel your athletic performance. This means processed foods, for the most part, have no place in your eating plan. Fruits, veggies, complex carbs and lean proteins are where you need to live. I did this last year and the weight is steadily coming off, and I feel pretty good, too. Oh, and my clothes fit better. :)

    I still have a lot of room for improvement, but thinking of myself as an athlete rather than someone who is trying to get in shape has given me a different perspective on exercise and eating. And good for you for sticking with it!