Sunday, January 16, 2011

the weekend

Just to get this over with - no I did NOT follow my plan this weekend in Jersey.

I did do a few things right... only had 1 alcoholic drink, mixed with diet coke. I had egg whites for breakfast while everyone else had waffles and cheesy eggs. I brought my soup and had that for lunch saturday.

Now the bad - I snacked and snacked and snacked friday. I was out of control. Saturday was better - but I did have ice cream cake, 4 cookies for dessert. I could have done much better. BUT my inlaws sometimes drive me crazy. Yes I know eating is not the answer.

I was very bummed and mad at myself for not taking my workout clothes and hitting my SIL's gym saturday - that would have helped with the stress a bit.

Well those days are done. Ive owned up to them. I will not let that swing into another day.

TIme to get dressed and head to the gym.

Yesterday I weighed myself and was done 2.5 lbs this week yaaa me - but the last two days may have side swiped that. Im not stepping on the scale today because it will bum me out - tomorrow I will do my official weigh in.


  1. Back on the horse, off the snacking pony... Way to evaluate quickly, catch your footing, and move on!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Good on you for going to the gym and not dwelling on the past! :) I've had a bad snacking weekend - glad I go back to work tomorrow because there is no time for snacking in the OR!

  3. Well, it's done and over now. Smart move on not weighing when it would only bum you out. Good luck on the scale tomorrow and have a good next week :)