Saturday, January 8, 2011


wow was I whining a bit on that last post - enough to even lose a follower - wow, sorry.

I was having a down day. I have had alot of them lately and have been struggling to shake things.

Roni over at posted a new podcast today. As with most of her podcast, one of the questions spoke to me. Someone asked about motivation and finding it. Roni answered as she normally does, from the heart and it spoke to mine :) No direct quotes here, but her answer explained that sometimes the "cart needs to go before the horse" (yes your analogy was right :) that sometimes you have to go through the movements and in return you find motivation instead of waiting for motivation to come before starting through the motions. My motivation is OUT the window right now - I keep saying "maybe tomorrow" well NO... today I need to start the movements, the actions and eventually the motivation will return. Hopefully :) She also mentioned that sometimes looking at doing only a few set things week in and week out and not constatnly looking at the big picture helps too. I have been so focused on where I am not and I have lost how far I have come. I keep stressing that I still need to lose 30 lbs instead of thinking about the steps I need to keep taking that will eventually get me there.

So thank you Roni.

I am prmising right here, right now - I will be going to WW every single week and STAYING for the meeting. Period. Whether its good or bad I will be there. This week it will be either tomorrow - hopefully - or wed. I work my regular tuesday meeting - well guess I cant say regular since I hardly ever go :)

I will start moving back in the right direction. I will I will I will.
Today I restarted journaling. Its a step :)

Thank you for the comments yesterday - it meant alot. For the member I lost - sorry I disappointed you.

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