Thursday, February 10, 2011

good morning!

Good morning everyone!

Im still in my happy place - very zen. It is WEIRD... but I like it! Today I had to change up my plans a bit but that was ok. We have NO hot water - havent since right before we left for the poconos on monday. So while I was supposed to go to the gym and run 17 miles, Im stuck at home waiting for them to come put in the new water heater. Which means I will be running later this evening. Hoping it will be a bit warmer and I can do it outside. I have a running limit of 30 degrees... but trust me NO part of me wants to run 17 miles on a damn treadmill!

I need to get my eating back on track today too. Here is that zen happy part - normally I would be feeling REALLY bad about myself for eating so much crud when we were away for my birthday and would be punishing myself right now... not even alittle bit :) I am at piece with everything that went into my body before this morning. Im happy to go into a healthier eating day/week/month/year. My body is actually looking forward to water, veggies, fruit, lean veggies.... bring it on!

Cant wait to soak in a hot bath tonight! Back to work tomorrow - wow how fast 8 days goes!


  1. Eight days ins't long when you're on vacation, is it? :)

  2. It's amazing how much we rely on hot water until someone flushes the toilet!! What a mood changer-and not being able to shower is even more upsetting!

    Hope your run is awesome tonight!

    Polar's Mom