Saturday, February 12, 2011


Guess I should whine on here too since I have whined everywhere else...

I was devistated yesterday. I accidently left my diamond stud earrings in the hotel at Great Wolf - besides these being a little pricey and very pretty, they were very special to me. Besides my wedding rings, it was my first piece of real jewelry and it was my first mothers day present from my husband. I loved them. Needless to say they are gone. I hope who ever has them enjoys them as much as I did.

While Im on the whining train - Im dreading going to work today. I never ever say that - I love my job! But we have a particular doctor that fills in and she is on this weekend and she is so incredibly unpleasant to work with. She is lazy and rude to staff and family members and just not a happy person in general. We butt heads, badly. Today Im withdrawing care on two patients and she is the last doc I want there. uhhhh

And yes I ate horribly feeling sorry for myself yesterday - I shouldnt have but I did. Its over now.


  1. heart sank for you. I know how you feel...I lost my wedding ring 5 years ago. It wasn't worth much money but it was given to me when we were broke college kids and it meant a lot.

    good luck at work today!

  2. Have you called and everything. I am sure they have record of who cleaned the room!
    I know this does not even compare but just a little story..
    Last Christmas me and my husband went to Target and I bought a really pretty Necklace and it was the last one. I went through the checkout and the girl commented on it. When I got home I did not have it but I did pay for it. The next day my husband went back there and went up to that same girl and SHE WAS WEARING IT!!!! He went right up to her because we just had this feeling. So he then went to managment. They went and watched the video from the day before and came out and said This is officialy a police matter and we can not comment and gave him his money back..PEOPLE!!! Over a target necklace!!! I am really sorry you lost your earrings I feel the same about mine!