Monday, February 14, 2011

So proud of hubby

Im going to make this quick since we are going to curl up and watch a movie now that little man is in bed...

I am so proud of my hubby - and no it has NOTHING to do with Vday... we dont celebrate it, personally I think its stupid... he shows and tells me he loves me every single day not just when stores say he is supposed to. Anyways... hubby has committed to doing the half marathon when I do the full. This is a big deal. Today he ran 10 miles. His first ever 10miler. We drove 10 miles from our house and I dropped him off and he ran home. Proud of him for sticking to things and felt so special over hearing him talk on the phone to a friend that its the least he can do as he cheers me on for my first full. Love him!

Off to movie time... TTYL.


  1. That is so awesome!! What a good sport!!

  2. That's great!!!! Very cool to have someone to work towrds your goals with- even if it's not the same goal... ;)