Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Changing things up a bit... worth a try

So today I had some ups and some downs and some major self reflecting.

The ups - I had an awesome spin class and really pushed myself, even with super sore legs. I officially weighed in for the ChesapeakeMommies biggest loser contest.

The down - I gained yet again this week, another 2 lbs. Im 164 ... if this keeps happenning Im going to lose everything I worked for. My favorite pair of jeans, my only size 8s that fit PERFECTLY... hubby washed them and now I cant fit them over my thighs anymore :( So sad.

Now for the self reflecting - done during spin class :) Sorry if I am all over the place but there is alot going on in this head of mine. I love weight watchers. I know it works. Im hoping to be pregnant in the next 2-3 months and I will go 100% back on WW the second my second child pops out. BUT right now WW isnt working for me - mainly because Im not working WW. I have food and eating issues and I am massively anal retentive.. the points program is not working for me right now. I focus so much on points values and not what Im eating or my hunger level. I make great choices until I dont then I stop counting the points and if I dont write it down it doesnt count. I go way over board and then restart counting points the next day. Cant lose weight that way. And since Im trying to get preggo I have been focusing and searching and freaking out about points while pregnant... not to lose, but not to gain a ton. This isnt how I want to go into my pregnancy. It will guarantee that I will gain 70lbs or something crazy. So Im going to try something else will give it a few weeks and see how it goes... worse case I go back counting points.

So the plan - I want to focus more on what Im eating and when Im eating. I want to start paying attention to my feelings of hunger and satisfied-ness and eat when I need to... not just to eat. I want to focus on healthy wholesome foods. I want to shy away from processed carbs, breads, junk. Pay more attention to lean proteins, veggies, fruits. Yes that sounds VERY weight watchery...like I said I love WW and I know it works. But I want to take away the freaking out on points aspect of it. Focus on what Im eating and when. I also plan to pack lunch dinner and snacks when I work my 12 hour shifts... NO CAFETERIA. We will give it a few weeks and re-evaluate. What can it hurt right? Obviously what Im doing right now isnt working either.


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