Tuesday, February 15, 2011

todays food - not to shabby :)

Yes this is my second post today. I tend to post frequently when Im making changes. You can read about those changes right HERE.

So today I didnt focus on the opints of things as I ate them. I focused on eating when hungry - not just to eat. I focused on healthy wholesome decisions.

Breakfast - shakeology shake with banana, coffee with soy milk
Lunch - Panera breads thai chicken salad with no dressing/cup of chicken noodle soup/apple
Snack - slices of apple with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter
Dinner - boneless/skinless chicken thigh, brown rice, green beans, brocoli

So after the fact I was just curious where I would be point wise. Yes I have done points for ALONG time and it will be hard to break. I am at 24 points. If I was following it then I would have 5 points left over. That isnt alot of food. I was eating WAY more then this and ignoring the point value. No wonder I keep gaining. But focusing on me and not the points... makes it a great day and Im proud of me.

Things you dont see on the meal plan for today - fruit snacks, bowls of night time cereal, english muffin, bread, pasta.

Working out was right on today too - had a great spin class this morning and did day 1 of the 30 day shred ... day 1 ... again :)

What have you eaten today?


  1. wow.
    not too shabby at all!

    Im off to start my day so, thus far, water :)

  2. Food looks good. I think that I would have the same problem as you do with the points...I tend to get obsessive with numbers!

    BTW...how did you add that dailymile widget? I just created an account today and would like to add that to my blog like you have.


  3. Oops...nevermind! Found the right widget on dailymile :)