Monday, March 7, 2011

Manic Monday 3/7/11

Happy Manic Monday everyone. As usual I sucked at remembering to take my camera places with me... so yes I was busy busy busy but very little got cought on the camera!

So this morning I woke up to run... dont I look fabulous! HAHAHA... omg I cant believe Im posting this picture!

I have that MUST HAVE COFFEE look about me! Well it was windy and cold out and tomorrow its supposed to be pretty so I opted to enjoy my Shakeology

This is my breakfast most mornings - very yummy, very filling, very healthy... not to mention fast and ready on the go!

This is where I left and forgot my camera! DANG it... I was even going to ask Kim the spin instructor to take a pic of me in my spinning glory. Well I got myself slightly more normal looking, dropped G off at school and hit the gym. ROCKED OUT a 60 min spin class... burned 700 calories! Normally I only hit about 500-550! Then I did a full upper body and core workout. Followed by coffee from my favorite coffee place. No temptations from those so yummy but so bad scones!

After getting home and being again so beautiful...

I was HUNGRY and it was lunch time... left over brown rice with stir fry asparagus, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms + 3 oz grilled chicken and 1 tbsp hummus... YUM!

By then it was G's quiet time and I thought I wanted to lay down for an hour but after I layed down I changed my mind. I got up and brushed all the animals - 2 cats and a dog and cut their nails. Im going to try to do this every monday so my damn cats will quit scratching my new floors!

Then it was cleaning time - Mondays are also now my bathroom and bedroom days... trying to get into a cycle. So I scrubbed two tubs, two toilets, two sinks and we had to change all of our sheets. G likes to get into the cleaning - he is acutally a big help!

Then it was snack time... and here is where I keep my food journal

Then I sat the computer back down and forgot to pick it up :(
G had tai kwon do... so cute seeing 4 year olds trying all the moves! Then we went to Panera Bread for dinner for my go to panera dinner... cup of chicken noodle soup, thai chicken salad with no dressing and an apple. SO SO SO good and really not that bad - only 8 or 9 points.

Now G is in the tub and Im so ready for bed time!

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