Thursday, March 3, 2011

class half empty vs half full

I want to be a glass half full kind of gal... im not but boy do I want to be!

Today I aimed to run 20 miles at the gym on a freaking horrible pain in the hiney treadmill... gosh I HATE treadmill running for longer than an hour. Well I got 10 miles in and quit... not because my legs hurt, not because my breathing wasnt working... it was BORING and my mind won. Granted I spent two sweaty hours in the gym today - yet I feel like a failure because I didnt do 20 miles. I took G swimming after nap today and then to panera for dinner and feeling sorry for myself I ate half his cookie then got a scone to go and ate it on the way home :( poo on me. I know better. And now my stomach feels like crud and the 10 miles I hoped to do after G went to bed SO is not happenning. .... HOLD THAT THOUGHT....

You cant tell but after I wrote that paragraph I ran down to the workout room and turned on the tv and dvr to record my shoes for tonight so that once Im done typing this Im heading down to do something. Tomorrow I was going to get up and do my weight training but I think I will do that tonight instead while watching Big Bang Theory and tomorrow I will get up and do some cardio. On a sad note... I cant find my jump rope :(

On another positive note - once I got home from gorging on an orange scone that has about an entire days worth of calories... I pulled out every veggie in my fridge and did batch and batch of stir frying - red, yellow and green peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus. And I cooked some brown rice to mix in with it as my side for meals for the next two days at work. I will get my protein at work - we always have plain grilled chicken breast that will be good with a smear of hummus and my veggie mix.

ok so not a horrible day... yes I made a few bad eating decisions (doesnt help its that time of the month, TMI sorry)... but I did work out for 2+ hours today. I did make healthy food for the weekend. I did play like a 4 year old with my son at the pool and even did wii dance kids after dinner :)


  1. So, a mixed bag kind of day. Are you going to try to make up the long run or are you just going to call it good and run? I couldn't run more than 18 before Disney due to an injury and it was fine - now, granted, there are a LOT of breaks at Disney if you stop for pics (and I did - often!).

  2. Terri - I havent decided if Im going to aim for another 20 or just start to taper... decisions decisions.

  3. I am SO impressed that you did THAT many on the dreadmill.
    You are doing awesome, as for that time of the month I am sitting here with the worst cramps....oh, that woman thing.