Saturday, March 12, 2011

ok ok here I am...

SO yesterday was NOT a good day for me.

First the night before I could NOT sleep... didnt fall asleep until almost 4am and had to get up with G for school at 7. I felt ROUGH. So I took G to school and came home going right back to bed. I didnt get up until 11! But that ruined my morning plans of a run or workout.

I had planned to meet a friend for sushi for lunch after her run - I almost canceled because I just felt like crud but I wanted to go... so I went. I am so incredibly proud of my friend Nicole. She was the one I started running with and wow she has come a LONG way. She looks AMAZING. Her legs are so tiny now! She glows. She just has "it" and it shows. She has found her mojo.

And seeing where she is health wise and mental wise - while yes I am so happy for her - it made me realize where I used to be. Where I am so NOT right now. And I miss having that amazing feeling that it is so obvious that she has right now. Which really didnt make me good company at lunch unfortinately.

I followed that lunch with going to look for something cute to wear out the night after the marathon... umm so not in the right mental place to try on clothes, what the hell was I thinking?!?

I followed that with adding to the unhealthiness by talking my family into mexican food... wth was I thinking!?! ... By the time we got home I was just ready for bed and the headache didnt help so I just went to bed. The best thing I could have done.

This morning I got up and signed up for one of the things Nicole had brought up at lunch. Today I documented all my food - even when I had two poptarts and really didnt want to document that... wow 400 freaking calories for 2 poptarts... so not worth it! After work I came home and hit the gym - tons of jumping jacks, jump rope, upper body weights, squats, wall sits, and abs, abs and some more abs.

7 days till marathon! Im getting up tomorrow morning for a nice 8-10 mile run.


  1. I use MyFitnessPal and have had the "poptart shock" on more than one occasion. I sit there and think, I wasted 1/3 of today's calories on that?

    Good luck with your marathon-sounds like you are feeling better!

  2. Yeah, I have become very picky about what I will "waste" calories on. 200 calories is two miles - a food has to be darned good to be worth 5 or 8 miles (or more!).

  3. That happens to me too... I have to log my food for today (we had training for most of the day and food was brought it... I fear for my calories)!

  4. See you next weekend! I am going to come and give it my best! I hope to see you. I am going to try to run a sub 10:00 pace but who knows how that will turn out. I will look for you. Right now I am planning on wearing my zebra headband, cupcake shirt and possibly end up in a blue tank.

    Hope you have a great last week of training/taper and enjoy the marathon.

  5. you were not bad company at lunch by the way! I loved seeing you and hanging out for the short time that we did! don't get down on yourself with anything! you have come so far with yourself! look back at where you were a year ago and where you are today! you are amazing with your drive and determination! you have changed your lifestyle around. yes we all make bad choices and we all have bad days, but in the grand scheme of things you have come a long way!

    as for this mojo that you speak of, i have one philosophy, you have two choices to make when you get up out of bed in the morning, to be either happy or unhappy. it's a simple choice to make that we all seem to make so hard. To me it just requires too much energy to focus on being mad about something that has already happened or to worry about things that I have not even encountered yet. Instead, I can be happy and just face the world as it comes. Yes I am going to stumble and fall, alot, but Im always going to get back up and try again. So my mojo comes from that one choice that I make when i roll out of my bed each morning. I choose to be happy!

    In just a few short days we are going to accomplish one of the most major feats that one can accomplish and we will run our first marathon! Now that is something to be proud of and something that you should make your mojo oooze out of you!

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!