Monday, March 14, 2011

Manic Monday 3/14/11

At the wonderful advice of my equally wonderful running partner, Nicole, today I woke up and had two choices... to be happy or not... I chose happy... and to do things that made me happy - including taking care of myself :)

Started off the morning with my go to breakfast

Hubby was home today so he did little man duty and I headed for some retail therapy. Got my marathon running gear :) and then hit the mall for some new scrubs and something cute to wear out while in VA beach.

I rushed home after shopping for a quick lunch consisting of 3 egg whites, ww cheese and a dry english muffin then off to the gym. First was my weekly weigh in - blah... same as last week. Atleast I didnt gain. Then some treadmill and some elliptical. Dont I look so sexy on the treadmill... not! My wonderful friend Rach joined me. We treated ourselves to coffee for me, hot chocolate for her at my fav coffee bar!

That was followed by my second shower of the day, G playing with my camera taking pics of me and getting him to tai kwon do... they are so freaking cute at that age!

That is where the pics stopped today - sorry. We headed to Panera for dinner and something is just not quite right with my stomach. Fingers crossed its not a stomach bug! Either way it was enough for us to cancel our plans for this evening - we were planning to go to the board of education meeting where they are voting on the elementary redistricting but that just wasnt meant to be. G is in the tub, then some reading time with him and off to bed he goes. I still need to prep things for tomorrow - its an early day for both of us. Dh and I both work early so I have to get G and I up and out the door by 715. Later gater...


  1. You are looking good with your pictures

  2. are you running shamrock, too?? it's a great race, so much fun!!!

    love all the pics in your posts. you look great, keep up the good work!

  3. Great pics! Your little guy is a cutie!