Monday, June 20, 2011

lets try this again...

I know my last post was several weeks ago. And yes I know I said then that IM BACK... and guess what, I wasnt. I couldnt get my mind into it. I just was in a bad spot and was going deeper and deeper. I didnt think I had anything to write that anyone would want to read.

THEN.. I remembered, I dont do this blog for others to read. Yes I love the comments, love to be part of that healthy blog group but that isnt why I started this. I started this for me and only for me. To have somewhere to put my thughts into words. Yet once others started reading it then I started changing what I posted - wanting to only post things that were uplifting, only of being "good" and when I wasnt and had nothing but bad things to post felt horrible and eventually quit. Well the bad days are the reasons I made this blog to begin with. Everyone has down time. I just had alot of them.

So here I am - starting over. I almost scrapped this one all together and started over but frankly thats just too much work.

Im 15 weeks preggo now. I feel preggo. I look preggo. And Im having massive girl vibes :)

My eating hasnt been the best but Im striving to work on that. I also havent worked out in 2 weeks or so - we went to disney and then had a crazy schedule with out of state house guest. So it was alittle crazy.  Some goals this week.

1. POST ... Im coming back, promise!

2. NO MORE EATING OUT at work... I am putting not healthy not even tastey food in my body and Im spending a CRAP load of money over the course of the week.  Lately my work food has gone like this. 6am eat breakfast at home (cereal or english muffin with pb), 9am go down and get another breakfast from the cafeteria ( pancakes, waffle or something of that sort), noon go back down and get lunch (sandwich, soup, chips, cookies), 4pm get a snack of some sort of cake or candy, 6pm go down and get dinner (typically something fried)... like I said not healthy, not tasty and a waste of money! So this week I work twice - Wed and Thur. Im packing cherios and fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner from home and healthy snacks. NO BUYING!

3. Get to the gym damn it!

I miss me... I will find me again!

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