Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A busy awesome day!

Today was a great day!

First, before I went to bed last night I couldnt stop thinking about wanting to go for a jog. I dreamt about running. So when I got up this morning I packed up G and the dog and did a lite 1 mile run. Yes its nothing like what I was doing but hell I havent ran in weeks and Im 16 weeks preggo. I FELT AWESOME! I finished that awesome feeling up with some weight training and squats. 2 bottles of water then my morning coffee :)

Had a midwife appointment today - took Gavin and hubby with me so they could hear the heart beat. G was so excited! Granted he thought the baby was coming out ... he doesnt 100% get "it". Got my slip for the biggoo ultrasound - wont find out the sex until July 18th... I SO SO SO SO want to know NOW but I will be patient.

Then got some serious cleaning/organizing done. Cleaned/scrubbed/mopped both my and little mans bathrooms. The the organization started. So before the baby comes this is what all needs to happen - the living room in the basement needs to be rearranged, the office moved into the spare bedroom, the toy room moved into the basement where the office was, the toy room repainted and turned into Gs bedroom, g's room repainted and turned into a babies room... so ALOT. Well today we took the first steps. The office is officially in the spare bedroom. We swapped living room tv's and rearranged down stairs furniture - and upstairs too for that matter. My next break off from work Im moving the playroom downstairs. Then in Aug I have a week off so that will be a paint and move Gs room week with the goal to start babys room by Oct.  Right on plan!

Then finished the day with little mans tai kwon do class, grilling steaks and then after getting G to bed - a nice long walk with my dog.

Now Im off to rest - work tomorrow...

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