Thursday, July 14, 2011

another morning...

Its like deja vu - Im sitting here drinking my morning coffee, just finished my cherrios and dealing with another morning stupid bloody nose... fun fun! The only difference this morning is that Im EXHAUSTED! It was a full moon last night and boy could you see it in the ICU... Im typically off, picked up G home and have him in bed by 8ish. I didnt even get home until after 9 and left G at a friends house overnight. It was mayhem when I was trying to leave work. And last nights sleep wasnt full of bathroom breaks like the night before but it was one of those nights that the second your head hits the pillow its over and your alarm is going off.  Today I have a ADHD kind of doctor to work with and busy sick ICU to deal with.

Yesterday was not a good day for my weight ego - and it of course was all men that were messing with me.

Exhibit A: I forgot to pack my lunch and had a STARVING kind of day so I ate quite a bit. My ICU doc yesterday made the comment more then once "omg your eating AGAIN"

Exhibit B: One of the reps for the type of central line we use came by to make sure we didnt have any quesitons, ect. I saw him about 2-3 weeks ago. He casually ask if Im training for any upcoming marathons. I mention to him that I have one already in the works for Nov 2012 after baby. He laughs and says "Thank god - when I saw you last time I thought to myself wow either she completely let herself go after her marathon and needs to hit the gym or she is pregnant but didnt want to ask"... ummm thanks.

There was one more but you had to be there - typeing it wont do it justice. Stupid men!

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  1. Don't let them get you down. I think men in the health field feel like they can say anything. But heads. Turn that shit around on them. Ask them if THEY are training? Since you'd noticed their little pooch of stomach (whether it's there or not). OR the pregnant woman's best revenge, BURST into tears! That'll teach em.