Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Im sitting here drinking my morning coffee, checking my email and trying to control an bloody nose... yuck. Guess it shows what kind of day Im going to have. I get a ton of bloody noses while pregnant - very annoying... and messy!

Tried to get up this morning to take my dog for a nice long early morning walk before I started getting ready for work - could shake the dream I was having and therfore couldnt get up.

I have CRAZY preggo dreams - last nights was comical, normally they are damn outright scary. Last night Barney (from How I met your mother) was my husbands bff and when we couldnt get preggo had donated his sperm. Barney was adopted and wasnt into family type stuff. When we asked him to come monday with us to our big ultrasound and be part of the babies life, he went all "babys daddy" excited on us and started sending us super elaborant baby presents in typical Barney fashion if you watch the show. It was interesting.

Today is a work day - there is ALOT of drama going on at work ... blah.

Hope everyone has a great wednesday! My little man is going with my BFF to our local army base today for family day (her husband works there). He is so so so excited. He picked out his all camaulflage (sp?) outfit and has talked NON stop about it! too cute!

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